Chocolate Tea and its Health Benefits

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Written By Muhammad Shaban Shoukat






Throughout their lives, tea lovers know that they are not drinking teas just for the sake of taste. Various different kinds of teas are also used for different purposes usually for health benefits. Chocolate tea is one of them and it actually offers various health benefits.

I wonder if there are any people existing in the real world who might not like chocolate actually (seems impossible to me). There is this concept that chocolate is harmful to your health but what if I tell you that it can be used for various useful purposes and is actually beneficial for health problems? 

Before that, I would love to know that in what form you people would like to have chocolate for you included on different occasions.  

I prefer Chocolate tea. Yes, you heard it right. A cup of breakfast will make you prepare for the day. Or maybe in the evening, when you are all tired from the work, a cup of it is all that you could rely on at the moment to take all your strength back.   

Is This Really a Thing?

Yes, chocolate tea is the most real thing and it surely exists. And when I am talking about it, I do not mean to say tea latte with chocolate powder or brewed teas with chocolate syrups. 

It means the chocolate tea that is made specifically by tea leaves with cacao nibs added to them.  Chocolate teas can also be made with true tea leaves from the Camellia Sinensis plant, the same plant which is also the origin of Purple Tea or can be added to other herbal teas. Also, it can be made by mixing cocoa powder or any other melted chocolate to have a rich chocolaty flavour and aroma. 

Chocolate Tea

Origin Of Chocolate Tea

So, Cacao tea or chocolate tea has remained as world’s best-kept secret. It is believed that the first-ever chocolate drink has been created by Maya people around 3000 years back. People also consider it as an essential part of Mayan and Aztec civilization. It became popular among Europeans after its discovery in Mexico. 

Now, the cacao drink is being consumed throughout the world and it comes in multiple variations. Different ways have been created to make chocolate tea by adding various ingredients to it. Also, it has been recognized by different names like hot chocolate, hot cocoa, cacao tea, or chocolate tea. 

Is Chocolate Tea Really Healthy? 

Why wouldn’t it be? Chocolate and cacao nibs or beans rich in antioxidants are very useful for health purposes. They also have flavanols that are helpful in heart problems. Therefore, we can safely say that chocolate tea not only perks you up with its rich chocolaty flavour and smooth sweetness but also, can offer various health benefits to its consumers.   

Key Benefits of Chocolate Tea 

Some of the vital health benefits are described below.  

Rich in Polyphenols 

Cacao nibs in chocolate tea contain polyphenols. Polyphenols especially flavonoids can also be found in vegetables and fruits, are naturally occurring antioxidants. They are helpful in reducing inflammation and improving cholesterol levels.

However, processing cacao into chocolate or heating it can also make it lose its beneficial properties to some extent.   

It Lowers the Risks of Cardiac Attacks

It has been observed that flavanol-rich cacao tea can help in improving nitric oxide in your blood. The nitric oxide level in return can help in dilating and relaxing your arteries and blood vessels. Ultimately, it improves the blood flow helping reduce heart problems especially heart attacks or strokes. 

It Improves Brain Function 

Flavonols can be beneficial in reducing the risks of neurodegenerative diseases thus improving brain functions and blood flow. It can support neuron production and maintain blood flow and supply to brain tissues. Flavonols can also play a part in age-related brain diseases such as Alzheimer but more research is needed. 

It Lowers the Blood Pressure Level

In the same manner, as it helps in steadying the blood flow, the flavonol-rich chocolate tea can also reduce blood pressure levels and keep it at a normal pace. This happens in a way that flavonoids improve nitric oxide levels which in turn makes the blood flow neutral lowering the blood pressure level eventually. 

For Depression 

We all know that chocolate plays a huge role in soothing our brains and calming down our nerves at times of mental distraction. So, cocoa can exert positive effects on mood and symptoms of depression. It reduces stress levels and improves calmness. It can overall affect your psychological well-being but further research is also required.  

How to Prepare Chocolate/Cacao Tea?

Bring a cup of water to boil in a saucepan. Add tea leaves or granules. You can go for either strong or light variety just as you like. Then dissolve cacao powder in the boiling water. Add a bit of sugar if you like. You can also add cinnamon or bay leaf. Now strain it into a mug and there you go! Enjoy yourself with one of the tasty and healthy drinks. 

You can also add almond milk for a creamier consistency and to give it a more luxurious touch, include whipped cream or stick marshmallows in your cacao tea.   

This is my way of making my favourite cup of chocolate tea. You too can have your own unique recipe by including various other ingredients as well. 

There You Go!  

Chocolate tea is a name that gives a very sweet and elite taste but in actual it is a lot more than just a tea with a chocolate flavour. Made from cacao beans mixed with tea leaves, chocolate or cacao tea has so many health benefits for its consumers. 

 It can help you in improving your heart rate, increasing your brain activities, maintaining blood pressure levels and cholesterol levels. It can also help you in dealing with stress symptoms and depression.

At the same time, having a cup of chocolate tea can make your taste buds happy and soothe your palate with its rich chocolaty flavour making you enjoy every single sip of your tea. In simple words, it can be able to prepare you for a long busy day and end it perfectly for you.