What is Okinawa Milk Tea and its Health Benefits?

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Of course, if you are a tea lover, you would definitely want to try various kinds of milk teas to have a different taste and Okinawa milk tea is here to share with you one of the best experiences of your life. Okinawa milk tea is much popular in Japan and is taken as a strong and sweet beverage to enjoy with. So keep scrolling and you will know what secrets this unique tea is holding for you. But first thing first! Do you know why this tea is named Okinawa tea? If not, let us start with,


Origin of Okinawa Tea  

Did you have any idea that this marvelous Japanese drink is actually native to the Okinawa region and has its origin in Japan? This tea has a  major component named kokuto in the native language which is an Okinawa specialty and it is in the form of healthful brown sugar. 

Its sugarcane is cultivated in Okinawa, which receives a lot of sunlight and nutrients from the sea. So because of this climate, Okinawa is able to grow Kokuto whereas the rest of the globe just cannot. Locals frequently use it to create tiger stripes on the inside of their glasses or cups. Also, Tapioca pearls, often known as boba, are a must-have ingredient served with this tea.

What Is Okinawa Milk Tea?

It is a Southern Japanese bubble tea that wonderfully combines the richness of black tea, the creaminess of milk, and the sweetness of its unique roasted brown sugar. Its main component, black tea leaves, gives it an earthy and pleasant flavor, and the taste of this whole drink is enhanced by the creamy texture of fresh dairy making it much more appealing.

what is Okinawa milk tea made of?

This tea is made with black tea, and milk combined with the traditional Okinawa brown sugar to give it a strong taste and aroma. The flavor composition of Okinawa milk tea is also based on excellent quality milk and identical tea leaves, but it has a secret weapon in the shape of Kokuto.

Is Drinking Okinawa Milk Tea Any Good?

Well, why not? This tea has got everything including flavor, aroma, richness, and a strong sense of calm while drinking this tea. Other than that, Okinawa tea holds many health benefits which can be a major advantage of adding this tea to your diet. 

How to Prepare Okinawa Milk Tea? 

For Okinawa tea to make, you will be needing the following ingredients,

  • Teabags of black tea
  • Milk
  • Water
  • Kokuto ( Okinawa Brwon sugar)

Now using a suitable container, bring your water to a boil. Then pour a tiny quantity into a teapot and gently swirl it around to warm it up once it reaches boiling temperature, then discard. Return the water to the stovetop and add your tea and let it simmer for a few minutes. While keeping the water below the boiling point, remove the tea bags after two minutes, add the sugar, and then the milk. Transfer to a teapot and serve immediately. If you want to serve it cold, let the pot cool naturally before transferring it to the fridge until your guests arrive.

Benefits of Okinawa Milk Tea

 Following are some of the key benefits of Okinawa tea that it can provide you. 

It can be an energy booster and help in losing weight 

Because there happens to be the presence of active polyphenols in Okinawa tea so it will aid to boost energy levels while also potentially lowering the likelihood of storing extra glucose as body fat. It is being researched that by drinking Okinawa tea on regular basis, the rate of fat burning can be increased up to 40 percent. Also, people are likely to lose weight three times than those who do not drink Okinawa tea.

It Can Help in Improving the Skin Conditions 

Drinking Okinawa tea may actually prove beneficial for your skin. Due to its certain properties, it can make your skin glow more and look younger than ever. 

It Can Help in Enhancing the Immune System 

The elements of saponins present in Okinawa tea will help in making your body increase its endurance and strength while improving the heart pumping function and giving extra strength to its muscles. 

It May Help in Maintaining Blood Pressure and Cardiovascular Health 

Okinawa tea has also been shown to benefit the metabolism of the heart. It also stimulates the neurological system while helping to increase the release of nitric oxide in the body. Okinawa tea relaxes artery walls and coronary blood arteries, making blood pressure drop down and in balance.

It Can Help in Maintaining Diabetes and Blood Sugar Level 

Type 2 diabetes is becoming more common, especially among the younger generations. People with type 2 diabetes may benefit from a good diet combined with Okinawa tea. 

How Does Okinawa Milk Tea Taste Like?

It tastes like caramel milk at first, then like mildly sweet milk as it settles in and the roasted brown sugar characteristics of Okinawa milk tea are well-known already. It has a strong tea taste with a little sweetness.

Aside from that, this unique beverage consistently satisfies the demands of individuals with sweet tastes specifically. Despite the fact that ordinary syrup is replaced with the healthier kokuto, the brown sugar adds a toffee caramel flavor to the refreshment, comparable to some other sweet teas. 

Okinawa Milk Tea

Where to Get Okinawa Milk Tea?

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Hokkaido milk tea vs Okinawa milk tea: What’s the difference?

Despite the fact that both have a black tea base, the Hokkaido bubble tea utilizes brown sugar, honey, or caramel as a sweetener, and the Okinawa-based drink uses kokuto. In comparison to the Okinawan counterpart, the syrupy sweet flavor of the Hokkaido beverage is significantly more powerful. However, the Okinawa beverage’s toasted brown sugar imparts a sweet flavor that complements the black tea’s richness.

So, what are you waiting for now? You have got all you wanted to know about this unique flavored Okinawa tea. And now we would like you to go and purchase the special Okinawa ingredients available either in a superstore or online, make this delicious Japanese beverage, and enjoy it with your family or friends while taking out from it the health benefits as well. 


Q. How many calories are in Okinawa Milk Tea?

A. One cup of Okinawa Milk Tea has approximately 130 calories.

Q. Is Okinawa Milk Tea healthy?

A. Yes, Okinawa Milk Tea is a healthy beverage choice as it is low in calories and contains antioxidants from the black tea used to make it.

Q. What is the caffeine content of Okinawa Milk Tea?

A. Okinawa Milk Tea contains approximately 25-50mg of caffeine per cup, depending on the type and amount of black tea used. This makes it slightly less caffeinated than regular coffee but more than most other kinds of tea.

Q. Is Okinawa Milk Tea vegan?

A. Yes, Okinawa Milk Tea is vegan as it does not contain any animal-based ingredients.

Q. Does Okinawa Milk Tea need to be refrigerated?

A. No, Okinawa Milk Tea does not need to be refrigerated; however, it should be consumed within 2 days of making it for the best taste and flavor.

Q. What is in Okinawa Milk Tea?

A. Okinawa Milk Tea is made with black tea, Okinawam Milk sugar, and either condensed or evaporated milk.

Q. How do you make Okinawa Milk Tea?

A. Making Okinawa Milk Tea is easy – all you need are 4 simple ingredients: black tea leaves, Okinawa milk sugar (preferably brown sugar), condensed milk or evaporated milk, and hot water. Once you have all your ingredients ready, follow these steps: 1) Measure out 2 tablespoons of loose-leaf Baozhong oolong tea leaves into a teapot or a heatproof cup. 2) Pour 250ml (8 1/2 ounces) of boiling water over the tea leaves; let steep for 3 minutes. 3) Add 2 teaspoons of Okinawa milk sugar into the teapot/cup; stir until fully dissolved. 4) Finally, add 50ml (1 3/4 ounces) of either condensed or evaporated milk into the teapot/cup; stir until fully combined. 5) Enjoy your homemade Okinawa Milk Tea


Okinawa Milk Tea is an incredibly unique and flavorful drink that comes from the Japanese islands of Okinawa. It’s made with four simple ingredients – black tea leaves, brown sugar (or white sugar), condensed/evaporated milk, and hot water – but it packs a lot of flavor in each sip! Whether you’re looking for something sweet to enjoy after dinner or just need a quick pick-me-up during your day-to-day routine, Okinawa Milk Tea will definitely do the trick! Give it a try today!